Reasons why customers don’t buy from you.

The reason is simple.

YOU DON’T ADVERTISE in the right way.

And even if you do advertise, what about your target customers? Do you target the right people?

Posting on your social media pages is good. It helps you create awareness. But the shocking part is that all social media have algorithms that control the reach of your post.

Less than 10% of your followers only see what you post, except if your post is audience-like and gets more engagement before your reach can be more. And out of that 10%, how many of them will be interested in what you’re selling?

Come to think of your business post, how many people engaged with it, the same way they engaged with the regular beautiful picture you posted?

Think! Think!!!

Also, don’t forget that the market is closer to them. And the cost price in the Market is mostly cheaper than your price.

All these facts count on why you are not selling your products or services as you ought to…

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